Why was Fivaday created?

Necessity. Innovation. Convenience.We think this basically sums up Fivaday. It started with two colleagues chatting about the difficulty of getting in their Five a day whilst drinking a very expensive juice in a cool and very overpriced establishment (not something that happens all that frequently). Leading a busy life with work, a family, time constraints and money constrains, is something many of us are all too familiar with.

There are just some days we don’t feel too inspired and whilst we love cooking, I am no Nigella Lawson in the kitchen. And the Kids, oh my goodness the kids won’t eat anything green. The power of standing over them and insisting on them eating veg has waned and the promise (bribe) of something sweet after dinner went from blueberries to ice cream in 10 seconds flat. What is a family to do when world war two has broken out in the kitchen and the offer of sweet temptations becomes your only ammunition?  

It’s hard getting in your five a day sometimes and with all the will in the world, with busy lives and the talks of five being the absolute minimum, we wanted to come up with a proud innovative product that wasn’t a gimmick, that didn’t replace a healthy diet, but purely added convenience, covered the shortfalls and was clinically proven to do what it said.

So we got to task and set out a plan to deliver an easy to take product that suited many budgets. Julien, our amazing scientist, laboured in the lab for almost 3 years, creating the most awesome product he could. Fivaday food supplement is currently only available to adults as it contains green tea, and this is not yet confirmed safe for young people. However, we leave this to the discretion of the parents of teenagers. We are currently in the lab creating something wonderful and tasty for children too, so stay tuned.   

It’s been a great journey so far and whilst trialling it, we love the countless benefits, all very different and exciting. If you haven’t read the clinical trials of Fivaday, check out our science page.

Join the Fivaday gang and get consuming as many fruit and vegetables as possible!


Fivaday Team