Under the skin

Our scientists meticulously researched and clinically trialled the best combination of fresh fruit and veg to deliver the most effective package of antioxidant protection.

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We make nature do the work

After 3 years in the lab, we chose a unique blend of ‘phenolic’ antioxidants, pieced together like a beautiful jigsaw, providing the best support and antioxidant protection for up to 24 hours.

Once selected, we then mulched the equivalent of 5 portions of unadulterated goodness, hand-picked for their nutritional value and freeze dried into one handy capsule.

Getting out the goodies

A composition created by nutritionists, developed by scientists, that's packaged and delivered with pride.


May support mental & cognitive health


Support metabolism / fat oxidation


May support blood sugars


Help to support cardiovascular health


May support skin and connective tissue

Other flavonoids

Support immunity and a healthy digestion

A boost each day, the natural way

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Meet Dr. Julien Cases, PhD in Human Nutrition. An expert of the biological benefits of polyphenols. After over 15 years leading clinical research programs, Julien has delved into innovation and scientific affairs.

Julien has worked with us to develop the best and probably most innovative and solution driven product on the market today. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such excellence. Thanks Julien, you're the man.

Dr. Julien Cases, PhD in Human Nutrition

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